Friday, March 13, 2009

I could star in a Nyquil commercial. All of those classic symptoms-fever, headache, chills, stuffy nose, cough. Yep, I've got 'em. Wouldn't be so bad, but this is the third one I've had this season and they seem to last awhile. They say it's because this is the first year of working at a school. Hopefully, next year I won't have as many.

Had high hopes for this weekend, too. Spring cleaning, working on some artful things, inspiration trips to a couple shops and a facial. Looks like I'll have to alter my plans once more. Hoping to finish a couple of books I'm reading for work, watch a good movie or two and some doodling. Thank goodness for TIVO and the internet. They provide a plethora of inspiration and window shopping when you're stuck on the couch. Perhaps a good magazine and some soup will enter the mix as well. Whatever it takes to pass the time as I try to get better before heading back to work on Monday.

Also, dreaming of all things Lilly. Thanks, Martha for reminding us just how ingenious she was proving once more necessity is the mother of invention. I'm loving her right now as I countdown to Spring Break. Here' a little fuel for daydreaming... 'cause I can't even afford a pair of her sunglasses let alone a trip to Palm Springs!

Sweet dreams. Sweeter tomorrow. Even with a cold. Thanks, Nyquil!


Mom said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. I wish you a speedy recovery. said...

You poor thing! I know just how you feel, I've had one thing after another myself. Its a buggy year for everyone from what I've heard.

cindy said...

Hope you will be back up to snuff soon! :D That's what hub got hit with in Florida...he's was downing Thera Flu like crazy. LOL.


PS...please come to my house and clean when you are done with yours!