Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Today is Papa Bird's birthday. Poor dear (and Mom) has been sick for several days with the flu. I don't remember them ever being sick like this at the same time. In fact, Dad is rarely sick. Hopefully, they're both on the road to recovery. No fun being sick on your birthday!

So much I could say about my dad - I love him so. I've always been so proud that he is liked by most everyone he meets. I am amazed with his construction and woodworking talents. Given the opportunity, he could have easily been an engineer. I'm grateful for his strong work ethic and the example he set for us kids. He can tell you all you'd like to know about local wildlife and I love that he taught us to spy hawks, deer and the like along the side of the road. I'm grateful for the afternoon he took me cross-country skiing several years ago and all the trips to the creek and the river as kids and now times spent at the Lake. I love the way he always made us feel safe and I love the way he's at the door the minute we pull in the drive and waving us off as we pull away. I love you, Dad.

Happy Birthday!


cindy said...

You are very blessed indeed. Dad's are special in the hearts of most little girls, you sound like you have a great one! Hope they get to feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww! What a sweep post. We are very lucky indeed.

Mom said...

Thanks for writing such sweet sentiments for your dad. Made me weepy to read it.