Tuesday, April 07, 2009

just a peek...

With ALOT of direction from my Mom, I finally finished the project I'd been working on for my mom-in-law's birthday. Turned out great, but lessons learned-not all patterns are created equal and know your limits. As sometimes occurs under creative stress, we had a brief moment of hysterics out in the garage one evening trying to cut through a gazillion layers of fabric to set grommets. Um, and dad may wonder just why there's a grommet through one of his old t-shirts!

Anyway, without further adieu, here's a little peek. I won't unveil the real thing until Friday when we meet Jeff's folks for a pre-Easter lunch and shopping bash. Ha! Linda, you probably thought you were going to get a preview. No way-after all, it's only been nearly a month since your birthday. Don't want to spoil the surprise now!

Oh, and just for fun. This is the one I made.

And this is the one Mom made.

You can tell who's been sewing the longest, can't you? Just a few tips and tricks results in a much more professional piece. I think if I hadn't been exhausted from working on the main project all day I might have done better. I'll be trying it again though. This is a great use for scraps and make great little gifts. Fabric designed by Lila Tueller for Moda. You can get the free pattern on the Moda website.


Cindy said...

Really cute, Patti! How fun that you and your Mom are sharing all these crafty moments!

Mom said...

I think you did great on your project. I can't see any big difference between your little bag and mine. If I had beem with you to give you a few little hints you would have been better. All you need is the correct information on how to do things.

cindy said...

ahhhh, nothing like crafting hysertia...I love it! :D Looks great, both of ya'll did good. And what a cute bunny too!