Monday, April 13, 2009

Belated Easter Greetings

I'm getting a little spoiled with our recent school breaks, but I'm not complaining. There always seems to be plenty that needs to be done. Of course, with the additional time comes the temptation to procrastinate. Trying to balance relaxation with productivity is quite a balancing act. Hopefully, by the end of summer I will have gotten better at it!

Anyway, plenty going on around here the past week or two. Cam had a birthday and turned 22. YIKES! How did he get to be that age so quickly? We were able to have a fun dinner at Chevy's with him and his girlfriend last week complete with birthday sombrero and fried ice cream. Followed up with DQ ice cream cake and LOST. He was a happy birthday boy! I forgot my camera at home, but managed to snap this one of the boys once we were back at the house.

Jeff's season is off to a quick start and he's been working on a balancing act of his own. It's that way alot since golf is so dependent upon the weather. And it's been crazy lately-warm and balmy one day then cold and rainy the next. We managed to sneak in a visit with Jeff's folks on Friday. Always so good to see Mee-Moo and Baw Baw.

BTW, Phil Keaggy will be in their area for a benefit concert on April 25th.The proceeds from the concert will benefit the family of Abby Adams, the young girl who recently passed away due to a heart condition. Her grandparents are friends of Jeff's parents. Her family continues to covet your prayers. But I also wanted to help get the word out about the benefit. Several Christian artists were asked to prepare videos to show at the benefit and when asked, Keaggy said he would just come. The event is now part of his current tour and will be held at Aldersgate Methodist Church in Marion IL. The event is free, but a love offering will be taken to help with remaining medical bills. You can get more information by visiting

This year was pretty low key for us as Easter's go. But in some ways it made it much more reflective. The service at our church yesterday was outstanding. The music and drama were both uplifting and well done. Our preacher spoke about the hope that comes from a risen Savior and the power of the promises we have in Him. We followed the service up with a nice meal at a local restaurant, naps and a movie. A very good day.

So that's the relaxing part. Now I need to get on with the productive part. Not as much fun, but necessary. Hope you and your loved ones had an enjoyable holiday, too! Hope to be back soon to share some creative things.

Until then...

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