Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh, thank goodness for a snow day - rather an ice day! I'll regret the day off when summer comes I'm sure, but for today I'm grateful for a chance to catch up. Among other things on the list for today: wrapping up all the gifts,

giving these guys a little character,
finishing up these for gifts, a roast for Jeff, and putting up our tree. Yes, our tree is still not up. But hopefully by this evening we'll be basking in the glow of twinkling lights.

A shout out to Mom who is snuggled in at home today working on finishing up her own handmade Christmas. She is FOREVER my biggest cheerleader. With her help and a little good time management this week, I believe I'll be able to complete all the handmade gifts I set out to make. Love you, MOM!

Hope you'll take time to enjoy all the season holds this week. I'm looking forward to the taking-it-all-in-and-enjoying-it phase very soon. CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

Don't you love the new Starbucks coffee sleeve..Do something good...

Mom said...

There is something about snow and ice coverng things outside to make it feel like a snuggling, hibernating time inside. Love Christmas when all the shopping and decorating are finished. Thanks for the good word.
Love ya.