Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do the Spit & Roll

I had another great day sewing with my mom. The projects we make are only half the fun. Sometimes we get so wound up we make ourselves laugh. Today it was Dad who was laughing at us-he said we were like Martha Stewart and her daughter Alexis on Whatever, Martha! He just wasn't sure who was who. We've also developed a new technical term-the Spit & Roll. You know when the pattern calls for pressing the seam? I haven't quite mastered it yet so I always ask Mom to do it for me. I started calling it the Spit & Roll because she dampens her fingers and rolls the seam between her fingers before pressing. I told her it reminded me of the Bend & Snap in the movie Legally Blonde! Anyway, I've just had the best time and what a gift she's given me to pass on her wealth of sewing knowledge and build such great memories together. Such a gift!

*WARNING: if Emily is reading this STOP READING NOW and DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!*

Here's what we made today. This is the Amy Butler bag I made my niece for Christmas. Isn't it cute?!? I can't wait to make one for myself to carry this summer.

Oh, and I'm just about to wrap up the quilts-literally. But before I do I had to show you the adorable matching pillowcases I made for the girls to store their quilts. This is Rachel's which is my favorite because of that green fabric and the wide cuff. I used the cutoffs from the jelly rolls so I wasn't sure if I'd have enough. I was able to squeeze out just enough for a narrow cuff on Morgan's. I can't wait for the girls to open their packages on Wednesday morning!

If you haven't already guessed, I had a Starbucks about 5:30 this evening so I'm am pretty wound up. I plan to stay up as long as it takes to finish wrapping and get this place cleaned up a bit. This is going to keep me smiling all through the night. Isn't she a beauty? I love the marbling and she looks as good as I'd envisioned in my vintage silver container. SIGH

Okay. Gotta update my lists and keep movin'. Just in case you didn't know...


Anonymous said...

Keep going your almost there. Have a great trip this week can't wait to spend time with you on Thursday...Love you.

Anonymous said...

Your mother sounds wonderful and such fun. However, I know her personally and in reality she is really crabby, opinionated, pushy, not as good at sewing as other people she knows. Never-the-less she loves her kids VERY MUCH. Great job.

trish said...

I LOVE Emily's bag! And you are invited over anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about a chaulk board for you sister? I think she would really love it.

cindy said...

The spit and roll! LOL. Pretty funny. I hope your Christmas was absolutely wonderful! Sounds like you were on your way. Glad you got the dollie, hope you like her. See ya in the new year! : D