Saturday, December 27, 2008

merry randomness

  • happy belated Christmas wishes to you all! we had such a wonderful Christmas and i'm soaking up this time off to rest and relax with my family. we are having very unusual weather here though today-70 plus degrees, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. eek!

  • i've gotten several emails asking how the girls liked their quilts. i think they were a hit!

  • although it was alot more work than just buying presents, making them is worth it in the end when you get reactions like that and this one from my niece, Emily. she loved her bag!
  • in addition to the unusual weather we're having today, it's also unusual that my husband is home on a Saturday. we'd hoped to go to a movie today, but may just stay home instead. started the morning out with belgian waffles.
  • mom bought me a waffle iron for christmas. i'd bought a pancake and waffle mix at williams sonoma this summer and never purchased a waffle iron. what a treat. they were delicious and this one turned out like a snowflake (it was the last of the batter)!

  • whatever you're doing today, I hope it's .....

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