Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Thumbs

All thumbs. That is exactly how I've felt this week. With only 7 days until Christmas, I've been pushing myself to complete the projects on my list and make the final preparations for the big day. But most things I've had to do at least twice and more often than not have given up in frustration. I've been less than inspired in the wrapping department this year, too. Such a bummer since that is what I usually enjoy most. I know I totally overthink things. Like whether or not these little guys should be framed by wire or not. By the time I made a decision it was too late-I'd already glued the buttons on and they wouldn't allow me to add wire without having to dismantle the whole thing. UGH!

This is a project I made from Teresa McFayden's Comfort & Joy eZine.

There have been some rare moments of inspired success. Again, courtesy of Teresa McFayden and her Comfort & Joy eZine. She inspired me to create this little bag/ornament for my Secret Santa recipient. A little tricky with vintage wallpaper so it's not perfect, but hopefully she'll appreciate the sentiment!

How's your list coming? Are you getting everything completed? Are you stressed out or have you managed to avoid all the pre-holiday madness? If you have, let me know your secret!

I'll leave you with the only decent holiday vignette I've managed to create so far this year. I just look at it and sigh. But alas, there is more to Christmas than packages and bows, right? I love the lyrics to this beautiful modern carol written by David Foster. (My favorite version was recorded by Michael Buble.) It's time to start thinking on these things instead of all this other nonsense-at least that's what I'm trying to do-thumbs and all!

Well heaven surely knows
that packages and bows
can never heal a hurting human soul
No more lives torn apart
that wars would never start
and time would heal all hearts
and everyone would have a friend
and right would always win
and love would never end
this is my grown-up Christmas list

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