Saturday, April 19, 2008

PEACE to all who enter

Here's a little something I've been working on. This is the first project from the new CasaBella e-Zine which began last week. BTW, it's not too late to subscribe HERE. I'm getting a little better about using what I have and doing my own spin on things. Although this is still in keeping with the sample inspiration piece-I'm not that brave! Love all the texture and that charcoal pencil is like a magic wand. It gives depth instantly. Love that!

One of the new techniques from this issue of the 'zine was to use masking tape to pull away at the papers in order to distress the project. This was done after the initial layer of book paper was adhered to the base with gel medium. Very cool method, but on this project alot of that gets covered up by the house, but cool none the less and you can see bits of this and then I highlighted with the charcoal pencil.

Another new technique I tried on this was beeswax. Yep! just took a deep breath and finally tried it. Love how it blends everything together and gives a mellowness to the piece.
I was also able to attach the gold dove before the wax dried. fuN! Got really bold and scattered some mica flakes for some sparkle. I had been wanting to try this for awhile and really this was just to be a practice piece for a housewarming gift I'm wanting to make. But as I got deeper into it, I loved it more and more. So I decided, why not tailor this for my front entry. I kinda like how it came together.

Other points of interest-used vintage flocked wallpaper for the door-chose the yellow as I'm toying with painting the interior of our house a different color. We've had the same color (similiar to the wallpaper piece) since we moved here six years or so ago. So just in case I repaint, I want to remember the yellow. I do love it-see my dilemma?

The door knob is some sort of vintage button I got in the lot of buttons I bought a few weekends ago. There's a little rhinestone in the knob-do you see it? Knew they would be perfect for collage projects like this when a doorknob was needed. Fortunately, I have several of these to use on future pieces!

Since I collect "M's" I decided to use a letter rather than a number on the nest to represent our family. This is a felt one in "bella blue", of course and a little homage to the modern. And the phrase, well, that was inspired by my sweet husband who always reminds me that HOME should be a sanctuary. Yes honey, you are exactly right.

PEACE to you from our cozy little nest!


Mom said...

You must have stayed up all night to do this. Very good. Always love your interpretations. Keep up the creativity.

cindy said...

Awwwww, that's sooooo cute! You always make the coolest stuff. I do regret not doing that zine this month. Did you see they are putting a book together? Should be interesting. Great project, keep up the awesome work. : )


Anonymous said...

Your project turned out great! Guess you couldn't stand having that wax and not trying it :) Have a great week.

Tammy said...

What a great project and good for you for stepping outside your box! I love the mica!!