Friday, April 25, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

You know how the saying goes. Yeah, I hate when things don't work out. But then again, funny how they do. Had been signed up to take a class at Red Lead yesterday and then it just didn't work out to get down there and back before school was out so... Spent my 2.5 hrs of weekly solitude running some errands and popping into a couple of my fav spots. Picked up the small pieces I was having painted at Robin's Nest. This one I decided to use in my teeny tiny laundry room.

And this one still needs a little work. Naturally, I had a debacle with the glass knobs so it's not quite finished, but this will help me begin to get organized in my studio. Sooner than later, I hope. Got this at the local junk store for $10-coat of paint and new knobs and ta-dah! Well, that's the idea anyway. Like I said, best laid plans...

And because I just can't help myself, my next stop brought me to Willow Lake for their Spring Sale. That Eileen, she is so clever and finds the best stuff. I need to find out how I can be her wingman on her next antiquing trip. Even the little ducks you pull out of the water for an add'l discount were vintage. And pink! Love it!

These screamed at me when I got out of the car. Love the blue glass and loved that they came grouped together on the carrier that helps lower them into the boiling pot when canning. They make a great centerpiece filled with flowers or just about anything. They would also look cute with vintage buttons or other small pieces stored in them. For the summer though, I think I'm going to keep them on my kitchen table or island with sand, shells and maybe a tealight or two.

And these pink linen napkins tugged on my sweater-at $1/ea, I thought they were a great deal. The color is divine! Need to have a girls lunch or something so I can use them. Hmmm...

For a little treat I picked up these. Going to send one along in the care package I'm sending to my friend in Ethiopia. She is an angel ministering to children who have been orphaned by AIDS or who face other daily challenges we cannot fathom. These are handmade by a local gal and was just one of many yummy soaps and bath stuff Willow Lake is now carrying. Too pretty to pass up!

If you're local, Eileen still has some great stuff left and will be open on Sunday this week, too! EVERYTHING ON SALE plus tasty treats and door prizes. Also, on my driveby's passed Oma's looks like the girls are in full Spring planting mode. Email me if you need directions to any of these terrific local shops. I linked to their websites if they have one.

BTW, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my brief stop at Raspberry Patch, too. The ladies there are so helpful and their enthusiasm for quilting is infectious. I was really just supposed to be window shopping for fabric to be used on a project my mom is going to work on for me. But ended up buying fabric for me to try and make my first quilt. Well, a wallhanging really. Here's a peek at the fabrics I selected.

Feel like I should wear a button: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BOUTIQUES. :)

Whether you have plans or not-Have a great weekend!


Cathy said...

Wow you are busy! Can't wait to see your creations. Please post!

Cindy said...

It's Cindy from Raspberry Patch. What a fun day you had on Friday! Can't wait to see your quilt - that's one of my favorite lines of fabric. Love your blog!!

Mom said...

Did you get a kickback for your advertising promotions??? If not, you should have. You do a great job blogging. Can't wait to see how you do on your quiilting project.

paula clare said...

Hi there! I saw in your post that you mentioned "Red Lead" and I knew you had to be a "local." Well, relatively speaking (I live in southern Illinois, 90 miles due east of St. Louis) Anyway, I too have subscribed to the Casa Bella ezine...and I subscribed to Bellatoria too...I absolutely LOVE your altered art! You are amazing...are you going to load your Etsy store anytime soon?