Friday, April 11, 2008

La Couleur de Joie

The wind has been blowing here like mad today. One last shot of winter breeze trying to chase out the lovely spring weather we've been enjoying this week, I suppose. Had to come home and rescue a few of my jonquils this afternoon. 18 stems of sweet-faced babes are now keeping me company in my kitchen. Their fragrance is divine! Don't they just scream JOY? Oh, how I love the color yellow-the color of joy!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers to keep you company! Windy, oh wow. I'm ready for the midwest heat. cherio

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sister Patti, My jonquils are blowing in the breeze today. I intend to pick them and give them to a freind this evening. I hope she likes them. The color yellow reminds me of you, Cheerie Patti!
Love you
Sister Shirley