Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday fuN

Having such a nice relaxing Saturday. Stayed up late last night working on this for Jeff's Father's Day gift. Brady and I are going to make him chocolate chip cookies to go with it. This was the project from my AY2R class this week. The original was a "welcome" banner made out of the HKS playing cards. This was the alternative project for Father's Day. What a fuN thing this was to work on. It was relatively quick and cheap to make and you could use cardstock for the base instead of the playing cards. In fact, you could make it entirely from scraps and leftovers. I even used a vintage piece of wallpaper and a vintage BINGO card. I'm going to make another one that will say "summer" with colors and patterns inspired by a lake house in the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens-palest of pinks, cool blues, cherry red and bits of turquoise and white of course. The next one will be much shabbier, too. It was hard for me to keep this project masculine looking. Love the pop of orange tho'(ala Fighting Illini) and the King of Hearts I altered using my printer. I took a photo of it, but forgot to add it-sorry. He's cute- I used a bling crown on him-fuN!

On the way out to run errands this morning, I passed a neighbor's garage sale and lucked upon this beauty. Some of the veneer is cracked and it was refinished at one time, but the wood is very dry. Going to have my mom check it out and see if maybe we can darken the finish. That might be a nice contrast w/ all the white I have going on in my scrapbook studio. If not, it'll get a coat of white paint with a French finish. And check out the awesome storage. There are two other pull out shelves like this one in the center section plus the top and bottom drawers. This is going to be great in my scrapbook studio and I only paid $40-a great value! Now I am SUPER inspired to get my studio cleaned out and reorganized. fuN!

Have a couple more errands to run, projects to finish and a dessert to make before tomorrow. So I'd better get going, but just wanted to share. Hope whatever you're doing today you're having fuN!


Tammy said...

What a find! That will be so useful. And I love the banner :) Simple and sweet.

Sharon said...

Hi I'm in AY2R (willow). Your banner turned out so great! Can't wait to see the summer one. AND I'm so jealous about your find; it'll be incredible in a studio. Happy refinishing!

Colleen E said...

Cute, cute banner - thanks for sharing it (I'm in YTR too). And I'm an Illini fan (or was...) as well...originally from Chicago.

Felicia said...

Lovely banner :)