Saturday, June 02, 2007

Electric Youth

Ah, youth how fleeting! Isn't that a Robert Frost quote or something? Regardless, it is so true and the closer I get to 50 (GASP!) the more I realize just how quickly time passes. And I won't bore you with that lament 'cause that's not really what this post is about anyway. It is instead about all of the hip, young scrapbook designers out there who have really been inspiring me lately.

By suprise, I was able to pick up some of Elsie Flannigan's Roxie line today at Archivers. Yes, I said Archivers-can you believe it? They are actually carrying two of her lines. Elsie is so fun, so free-definitely a Bohemian at heart. I've actually taken several classes with her and she is very down to earth and exactly as you would imagine her to be. If you have never had the pleasure check out her blog. I am loving these stamps-great size for mini's and cards (if one actually made cards!) and her paper is my fav-doublesided and a couple in this line will be great to mix with the shabby chic stuff I typically work with.

The other hippie chick I am becoming so jazzed about lately is Kelli Crowe. Man is this gal somethin'! She is without a doubt the coolest homeschoolin', scrapbook designin' mom you would ever want to meet. Very fun, upbeat, and inventive. SO much energy exudes from her. Makes you wanna have whatever she's takin'! Check out one of her webisodes on Scrap In Style TV. I was mesmerized watching her scrap-seriously. Such simple ideas, but the way she puts it all together with such ease is aMAZing! I have some of her "collection" coming in the mail any day now.

Okay, off to play and try to channel some of that youth and energy!

UPDATED: Congratulations, Anonymous! (the Jeapordy reference gave you away-LOL) Watch for a special little somethin' in your mailbox this week! ;)

Pssssss... back in the day, Electric Youth was the title of the chart topping album by what 80's pop princess? First one to leave a comment with the answer will receive a prize!


Anonymous said...

Who is Debbie Gibson?

Anonymous said...

well, it could have been me!