Thursday, June 07, 2007

just because...

the thermometer topped 96 today.
it's thursday and my heidi swapp class meets today.
they made me smile.
who am i kidding? i don't really need an excuse to buy flowers!
aren't they yummy? as i walked out of the cooler at the market another shopper passed by and the color of her top was the exact match. i call that serendipity!

So I was chatting with a fellow scrapbooker today and she commented that I seemed to scrap nearly everyday. Her comment made my type-A personality grin with pride like a cheshire cat, but in actuality she was wrong. Although it might seem like I make something everyday, I'd say it's more like one to several times a week-if I'm very lucky. But I have found that over the past several months I do seem to be creatively more productive. I believe I can attribute that in part to my Big Picture Scrapbooking class with Heidi Swapp, A Year To Remember. Each month we not only create a 12x12 layout based on the month's life challenge, but she also provides lots of other creative projects for us to implement different techniques such as the SHE bottle I recently made. I also have to give credit to the online scrapbooking and paper arts community. Because I have access to sites such as 2Peas, ScrapInStyleTV and the blogville, I literally have inspiration at my fingertips. And it doesn't hurt to have a husband who understands that I need my paper and glue fix. Or at least the inspiration everyday. That's the secret-to keep the creative juices flowing. To do something to encourage your creativity everyday.

So just because I wanted to celebrate this hobby that I kind of got into haphazardly and it's become my solace. That's why I bought the flowers today-for all those reasons.

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