Friday, June 15, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away...

Boy am I glad the weekend is here! It's been a long week, IMO. I'm so thankful for a couple of calgon moments today. This is Oscar, the "famous skateboarding bulldog". Perhaps you've read about him HERE. We share an office. Well, sort of. I'll miss him and my other officemate, Zoe when I move to the other office later this summer. It's fun to have them around and I do think they provide stress relief for all of us. Yes, I happened to have my camera at work today and had to get some quick photos of him. He has so much personality! Isn't he CUTE?!?

I had lunch this afternoon with some girlfriends I used to work with. So good to visit with them. As we got caught up I realized I don't have it as bad as I think I do. Actually, I'm well aware of this, but get caught up in my own pity parties. (My party planning skills extend to pity parties!) My friend, Barb was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this Spring. She is doing well and told us the doctor expects her to make a full recovery. She looked great and I've forgotten how much I love to listen to her tell stories. My friend, Myra is living the high life as a retiree as well and is keeping busy travelling and whatnot. I truly believe should could do just about anything. She knits like a fiend and does not know a stranger. In fact, the top she had on today-yep, she knitted it! Very talented gal. And she was so sweet-she brought me a glass Eiffel Tower candlestick to add to my collection. I loved it! My frined, Diane whom I still work with joined us and we celebrated her passing her first liscensing test. Not only did she pass it, but she got a very high score-way to go, girl! We ended up standing in the parking lot of the restaurant for nearly an hour talking after Barb and Myra left. I think I got sunburned!

And the biggest Calgon moment of all today was getting a big hug from Brady when I picked him up from daycamp today. That boy is the sweetest thing and he seems to know just when mom needs a hug! I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening of mindless TV and maybe a little scrapbooking. I've got to get some Father's Day gifts completed!

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