Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lucky Day

Didn't know what to do with myself today. Brady had a sleepover at cousin Matt's house last night and I had the entire day to do whatever I wanted. I ended up junkin' most of the day and look what I found! I just had to have this old copy of Tom Sawyer for my summer reading with Brady and I was drawn to this package of these small mother of pearl buttons. Just love the name of the company and the Irish lass. At my last stop, I discovered this pair of bluebirds. It truly was my lucky day!

Although I enjoyed a leisurely day to myself, I was very glad to have my boy back home. He was wiped out! And I am too-that's what a little fuN will do to you! So we're off to bed with our vintage copy of Tom Sawyer-sweet dreams!

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