Tuesday, June 01, 2010

10 Things on Tuesday

Taking a nod from a fellow blogger, I'm putting my spin on a familiar list. Here's 10 things on my mind on a Tuesday. (Well, that's the day it was when I started the post!)

1. I didn't think I'd like The Newsboys with Michael Tait as their new lead singer. But I really do. Their new single is very reminiscent of DC Talk-IMO. UPDATE: It's now hit #1-guess I'm not the only who's lovin' it!

2. Sunshine makes me very happy. Although the trade-off is humidity. Without the beach. Still, I'm happy to see the sun after a rainy May. Slather on the sunscreen. UPDATE: Yes, after a couple days of gloomy rain I'm ready to see Mr. Sun again. Humidity or no.

3. I love Jenny Doh's (former editor-in-chief of Somerset magazines) newest venture, Crescendoh. Love the name, the mission statement and the products. Here's one I had to have first thing..

I did these on a pretty spring day. Outside under a big tree chit chatting with some of my favorite third and fourth graders. We were actually doing a lesson - observing MO songbirds and writing about what we saw and heard. ;)

UPDATE: Did you know that the MO Dept of Conversation has an entire curriculum you can get for FREE?!? I recently received it and can't wait to use some of it in my reading lessons. I'm developing a unit of study on Owls-whooo's suprised?! ;)

4. Really enjoying XM radio this evening. Sometimes its just so nice to have music on in the house. I don't do that often enough.

5. Speaking of music, I have recently discovered Colbie Caillat. I know. Late to the party. Her cd's will be the soundtrack of my summer. Well, except for Newsboys and Toby Mac. But mostly Colbie and dreaming of the beach. I really love her first CD-tracks 18 and 19 especially. On her second CD I love track 7. Or is it 8? The one about blue eyes. Reminds me of JAMMF-if you don't know what that stands for then you won't get why I like the song either. Sorry.

6. Nothing makes me smile like a clean fridge. Well, except maybe a fridge stocked with healthy groceries. Maybe the clean space will inspire me to buy and eat more healthy. UPDATE: Here's hoping-still.

7. I'm still determined to get organized. I have been back to the 15 min/day plan. Although I have to step it up quite a bit to get to where I want to be by the end of the summer, it's a start at least. But I think my to do list is perhaps already overscheduled. Need to rein it in! UPDATE: Um, overcomitted much?

8. My newest favorite color is gray. Is that really a color? Hmmmmm...DISCUSS!

9. Trying to decide if I should purchase a Vera Bradley tote or make one out of Amy Butler material. What's your vote?!? UPDATE: Or maybe just use something I have. Yeah, ever once in awhile I choose the high road!

10. I'm nearly delirious about summer. Popsicles, cookouts, outings, late nights and everything else that goes with this magjcal time of the year. Summer makes me giddy! UPDATE: As if my summer would consist of such things. More like lectures, term papers, phone interviews followed by more of the same. I think I'll just daydream about the others. Hey, maybe I can eat popsicles while typing?!? Now, that's problem-solving!

BONUS THING: Are you a Gleek? I TOTALLY AM! And I love that they're going to repeat all the episodes this summer! YAAAAY!

Okay, JUST ONE MORE: I am loving Eric Carle and didn't actually realize he has written/illustrated as many books as he has. I had never heard of Mr. Seahorse, but fell in love with it! I had hoped to try his tissue paper collage method, but chickened out and did this in watercolor while daydreaming about the beach and visiting HERE. Have a mAgicAL summer!

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cindy said...

ohmygosh....I just discovered GLEE! I feel like I'm the only one on the planet that has NOT seen it. LOL. LOVE it. I found it last week, and made my hubby miss a basketball game last night, so I could watch the finale! LOL. Glad to hear re-runs over the summer, now I can catch up. Love the rest of your list too! I hope you are going to have a great summer...without humidity. :D