Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something About Mary

Even after all these years, I just love the art of Mary Engelbreit! Did you know she has a blog? I loved her most recent post in which she gives us a peek into her creative process. This is the end result, but seeing how she got there was very cool.

I also love how she just seems to come up with the perfect illustration to go with a quote. This one really struck me.

Sometimes that's how it feels isn' it? I call those Chevy Chase moments (remember Nat'l Lampoon's Family Vacation). We're in such a hurry to create the moments and memories that we don't enjoy and embrace them when we finally arrive at that point in time. Or just too busy to have them to begin with!

Anyway, I continue to be charmed by her artwork and intrigued by the brand she's created. Like many of you, I was disappointed when she decided to stop publishing Home Companion magazine, but I am excited about some of the other things her company is doing. She recently held her first-ever artists retreat here in our very own hometown at the Chase Park Plaza. And she has a new association with Papyrus cards. So be watching for that sweet card with the owlie and the bluebird this spring!

Now I'm itching to get into my tub of ME goodies I tucked away a few years ago. I knew that I'd want them later on! And I've already stockpiled some of the beautiful posters she's licensed for teachers. I just love all the reading ones, of course!

There's just something about Mary!

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