Wednesday, May 12, 2010

completely random thoughts

a few completely random thoughts. as those are the only kind you can have when you are throughly exhausted.

i'm tired. yeah, said that already. sorry.

throughly enjoyed Brady's first band concert. i hope it is truly the first of many. fingers crossed.

i would love to sleep in on a rainy sunday and read the paper over a lazy breakfast with lots of luxuriously chocolatey coffee.

i am planning a carnival. i did this once before. as a fundraiser for the march of dimes. i think i was maybe 12 or 13. they announced my name on Mr. Patches.

only 14 more days of school. there. i said it. i could use a break. so could the kids. they definitelly need the break.

i bought so much cotton candy from the $1 spot at Target tonight that a lady looked at my cart and gasped. seriously. you, too? it's for the carnival.

i am the lorax. i speak for the trees. what?

now i know why the kids hate the rule about not starting sentences with i. it's hard. obviously.

must have sleep and dream about starbucks coffee. maybe i can get up in time to get some before school.

be back soon. promise.

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