Monday, May 25, 2009

Playin' Catch Up

Seems the past several weeks have been so hectic. School is winding down at a fever pitch and with a holiday thrown in the mix that makes for alot of activity! Caught my breath for a few hours at the lake this weekend. Really nice to just BE. Armed with a couple magazines and a book, I spent most of my time on the chaise lounge and enjoyed the chance to relax and take it all in.
Mom and Dad's place is lovely this time of year. Everything is so lush and green. I especially love the dappled sunlight that filters through the trees creating a woodland feel in the upper part of their yard. Here are a few shots I took when I managed to get up from my respite. By the way, I was on the look out for all those bluebirds my dad is always saying hang out at his place. I didn't see even one. Boo!

Today, I'm back at home trying to play catch up. Errands to run, lots of work around the house that needs to be done and wanting to cram in some family time to see a movie and prepare Brady for the end of the school year. Hope to carve out some time this week to catch you up on some of the other fun I've had this past month, too. Lots to say, photos to share, but no time to get it down here-yet.

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!


Mom said...

I'm glad you could spend a little time with us at the lake. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

cindy said...

Looks like a lovely place to just hang out and catch up on your reads...or even better, zzzzz's. LOL.

yapping cat

Anonymous said...

Hey Patti! Great pics, thanks for sharing.