Monday, May 11, 2009

Dearest Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day I had yesterday. I was able to spend time with both my mom and Jeff's mom as well as my two boys. Of course, my sister was along for part of the day and always makes our celebrations even more fun. The two of us took Mom to lunch at "Cam's place" - Max and Erma's. That way, I got to see him a little, too. Next Sunday, will be Mother's Day Part Duex when Missy and I take Mom to see A Chorus Line at the Fox-we can't wait!

The night before, I made this for Mom while watching a movie with Jeff. When it comes to doodling I am most often inspired by Pam G, but recently discovered this GAL and was inspired by a couple things I saw on her blog and the gift she made for her PAL.

I didn't have a vintage photo album page in good enough shape for the base so I grabbed a mat at Michael's and used vintage French book paper for the cutout. The flowers have a vintage feel, but are new and a Prima item Michael's is now carrying-love these.

And although I copied alot of elements from the original, I personalized it a bit here and there including the vintage paper I chose. The Rose of Sharon has always been a favorite of my mom's and she tells stories of how she and her sisters would use the blooms as dresses for their clothes pin dolls when they were little girls.

And the two phrases I used are favorite quotes of mine. This one from Mary Engelbreit. I was proud of myself for breaking out of the box a little (baby steps, you know!) and completing this project.

One of the things that touched my heart this Mother's Day is what a privilege and gift it is to be a mother. Often taken for granted and many times belittled, it is the greatest role we can fulfill. And so, in celebration of this wonderful privilege of being a mom, I leave you with this poem created by one of my students. May God bless each of you mothers as you care for your little (and big) ones. It is truly the most important and rewarding job on earth!

The Most Precious Sound

The most precious sound might be
the sound of my mother talking to me
telling me she loves me.

The most precious sound of all is
the sound of my mother's lullaby
in my room helping me to go to sleep.

As I lay dreaming the most precious sound I hear
is my mother's sweet voice whispering in my ear,
"Good night sweet child of mine".


cindy said...

Love your card you made...adorable! You did a great job. I've been playing with doddling myself. I was also inspired by Pam's post. And I love HD's things as well. Hope it was a good Mom's Day for ya.


Anonymous said...

Had a great day with you. Looking forward to part II. Thanks for the post.

Mom said...

One singular sensation . . . .
Loved our day together and looking forward to this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your poem. Very sweet. I agree a mother's voice is a very sweet sound.