Saturday, May 09, 2009

i got nothin'

one of the kiddos at school always says this when he is trying to get out of doing his work. "i got nothin'," he'll say as if that will give him an automatic out to coming up with the answer. well today friends, i've got nothin'. i'm on my second round of antibiotic for this croop that's made a semi-perminent residence in my head and chest and i'm just...kapoot! my body is tired and so is my brain. just nothin' left after a week of trying to get through the end of the school year. who knew it could be like this?! we are all in full countdown mode including the kiddos. i'm hoping once the school year ends the croop will leave and my creativity will return.

until then, while i've been tryin' to get over this yuck I've been making a few more yo yo's and have been inspired to make these after seeing them HERE and HERE.

made some manly ones for brady's teacher's gift this week, but didn't have a chance to snap a pic. they were just like these only burlap and black & white ticking. they looked great tucked into the raffia on the kraft paper wrapping. my favorite thing about these though are the little flags cut from an old spelling workbook. love that pink line across the bottom. ;)

the art teacher at school gifted me with a mini sketchbook to keep me busy in my "downtime" when not grading papers so i've been doing alot of this "in class".

however, some of the girls have spied me doodling and one got in trouble for drawing instead of listening to the teacher this week. oopsie! my bad. just trying to keep the creativity comin' if only a bit here and there.

hope to be back with a mother's day post tomorrow or monday.
until then, i got nothin' particular.

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Mom said...

Well, for someone whose "got nottin" I thought you expressed yourself very well. Your art talent is really getting impressive. Keep it up.