Friday, February 27, 2009

que sera sera

Whatever will be, will be."

Can you hear her singing? Who, you ask?
Well Doris Day, of course!
One of my favorite pop icons-the voice, the hair, and that smile. Oh, that we could all have that sunny disposition day in and day out. Seems no matter what happened-she just kept smiling and rolling with the punches!

In my role as a teaching assistant working with kids with special needs, I have had to learn to embrace change, to stifle my inner control freak and to adopt a sunny disposition day in and day out-or at least as much as possible. Although I love my new job, it has been hard work (for me) learning to say, 'whatever will be, will be'. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn to do so. Here are a few lessons I'm learning by going with the flow...
  • A smile is a gift anyone can give.

  • There is joy in giving of yourself.

  • Be prepared and be willing when the opportunity arises.

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Be the change you want to see in the world around you.

Now, if I could only learn to go with the flow more at home!

Que Sera Sera!


Anonymous said...

After I finished crying. I'm sending you this note to say it is a beautiful thing to watch someone grow from the inside out. I love you.

cindy said...

Good sentiments for anyone to grow by. You are such a thoughtful dear person, I always enjoy what you have posted! :D