Monday, February 09, 2009

Love In Any Language

An impromptu stop at Helzberg Jewelers over the weekend yielded my newest collection. I particularly liked the pins in other languages. See the blue one in Hebrew? The one in French is of course my favorite and I have plans to share the one in Russian with one of the teachers at school. Besides being just plain charming, the I Am Loved® pin actually has quite a history.

According to the Helzberg website, over forty years ago Barnett Helzberg, Jr., had just proposed to his girlfriend. Exhilarated by his engagement, he decided that everyone should experience the joy of feeling loved. So he created the I Am Loved® button as a way for people to express their feelings--even if they weren't quite ready to deliver a diamond ring. What Mr. Helzberg realized was that even the smallest gift, given in the right spirit, can have an enormous impact.

Love itself is such a gift. I think it is one of the universal necessities of life. The smallest token of love or friendship can make such a difference. Everyone wants and needs to feel loved so take time this week to demonstrate a gesture of love. Say a kind word, let someone ahead of you in line, say "thank you", make your own valentines for your children or spouse, give a hug.

"Remember, no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted." -Aesop

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

You said it sister! I love you!

Mom said...

Love you lots!:)