Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can You Believe It?!?

Christmas is only 2 months from today! My lists of things to make and do are growing by the day. YIKES!

I was teasing my sister-in-law earlier in the week about always starting her Christmas shopping so early. She had emailed asking for the boy's wish lists already this week. Then I remembered technically, I've already started my gift collecting. In fact, I took one of the quilts I'm making for our nieces to the quilter yesterday. I'm excited to get it back and see what a difference it makes. And this afternoon I plan to start on the next one. That will be two gifts down. Well, when I completely finish them that is!

Although I won't be making all my gifts this year, I am looking forward to making several of them. One of my favorite things about Christmas is making things by hand. I have piles of books and magazines marked with all the projects I want to try this year. This one is particularly pulling at me. I've been trying to find a similiar cabinet so I can make this before December arrives.

from Somerset Studio Nov/Dec 2008

And ever since Martha began making those ornament covered wreaths several years ago, I've wanted to make one. Now you can just go out and buy one, but what fun is that?!? I've seen other versions-some out of vintage ornaments which I like best. But I think I'll use new ornaments with vintage inspired colors and go for a moderate sized one. Although this magnificent one by Jennifer Paganelli makes me swoon! Most of those are vintage ornaments!

from Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas 2007

Speaking of lists-check out Janet Hopkins' chic organizer for the upcoming holiday season. I love the modern feel of it. Wish I were near Arizona to make one in the class she's teaching! Okay, enough daydreaming and list making. I've got to get busy.

Have a wonderful weekend being productive or choosing to just relax and enjoy the crisp autumn weather and activities! In between quilting I'll be trying to sneak in a quick trip to the antique mall and Target. Maybe even a chai tea latte-yum!


cindy said... should see my table in the kitchen...covered in frames, plaques, bowls, etc....all that need painting...on the floor by the table in the studio is a pile of paper, stickers, etc for about 8 little books and out in the garage....LOL...I hear ya Sista...I hear ya. Love that little advent cabinet...want to see how that one turns out!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh that cabinet looks wonderful! I found one this past summer exactly like that in a thrift store and bought it..I blogged about it.....but NOW i'm totally re thinking what I was going to do with it!