Monday, June 09, 2008


What a weekend! Spent ALOT of time at home working on my studio and managed to get quite a bit accomplished. Still not finished, but definitely making progress. But the highlight of the weekend was going to the Fox to see Mama Mia with my mom, my sister and Shirley. What a fun show! I had been looking forward to it for some time-you know how my sister and I love ABBA.

I was very curious how they were going to work the music into the storyline. So clever. Loved the use of color to get the feel of being in Greece. There's nothing quite like live theatre. Loved the voice of the gal who played the mom-her voice was great for ABBA. She had great control. The dancing was amazing, too. My favorite part of the whole night were the encores when the entire cast performed three ABBA songs in platforms and those whild metallic space inspired outfits the Swedish foursome used to wear back in the day. Can't wait for the movie adaptation-I'm hoping they have a sing along version like they do for The Sound of Music! ;)

Hoping to share some peeks at my studio soon. Although at times it feels like all the stuff is growing, it is starting to come together.

P.S. Yes, this is the lone photo I snapped before going in. No cameras allowed so I was afraid to even snap a photo of the four of us. Oh, well-next time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we had a great time too!!! Glad we could all go together and be dancing queens for the evening!!

Tammy said...

Glad you got to go. Oh, how I love the Fox! sounds like a fun night.

cindy said...

Sounds like it was a blast. I've seen the previews for the movie, looks great.