Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inspiration Begets Inspiration

Did you ever play the game Telephone as a kid? Someone starts by whispering something to the person next to them and they to the next person and so on and so on. When the phrase reaches the last person it's always interesting to see how the phrase has changed as it's traveled through the "telephone". Inspiration is alot like that game. You see or hear something that moves you and then create or do something in response resulting in something your very own yet a reflection of what has inspired you.

Artists and musicians often refer to their influences. Who has influenced their style? Who inspires them? Even athletes find inspiration from their heroes. Inventors are inspired by the need to find a solution to a common need. Every successful person has had someone who inspired them to reach their goals.

So, who or what inspires you? As a creative person I long for inspiration. And I find it all around me-nature, music, print ads, movies, blogs-- inspiration is all around. At times, I'm more receptive to it than at others. Sometimes it moves me to be creative or to change my behaviors. And what a feeling when inspiration hits. It's energizing. You truly feel alive, engaged. Inspired!

I've mentioned the little indie book, Postmark LA here before. Some of my favorite mixed media artists (Theresa McFayden, Pam Garrison, Carolyn Peeler, Rebecca Sower, Amy Hanna, Charlotte Lyons) recently self-published this book about a girl's weekend they spent together. Like-minded artistic souls spending time together doing what they love-shopping, talking, working, creating, finding inspiration. As a result, they created this book for the sole purpose of inspiring others.

I was recently inspired by a project from the book by Carolyn Peeler to create this project. Carolyn was inspired to create her piece by Corey Moortgat. No doubt, Corey drew inspiraton from someone or something else when she created her pieces which inspired both Carolyn and me. See? It goes on and on.

I know. A little Circle of Life, but who or what inspires you? Who are your heroes? I love the quote I chose for this piece. I find it...inspiring!


carolyn peeler said...

You just made my little heart very happy. When we were creating Postmark, all we wanted was to inspire people the way we inspire each other. I'm so, so thankful that something in my creation set you on the path to creating this piece. I can certainly see Corey influences in it as well!
Great quote, adorable work, and thank YOU for purchasing Postmark:LA!

Cindy said...

What a beautiful post about inspiration! We truly draw from each other. My best ideas percolate in my head for some time, continually evolving, and often look totally different from the original inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

cindy said...

This turned out adorable! I've been doing nothing but scannin and catching up on blogs today and have seen so many wonderful things that make me want to get into the stuido and create more! Love what you did, it's awesome!


Sarah said...

oh my goodness! Your collage is DELIGHTFUL! I go the COREY book a couple of months ago and have yet to create something. Your's is so sweet. I need to order the other book as well...just haven't gotten around to it! Glad I found your blog and your talent. Come on over and visit me sometime!
Vintage Lily