Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happiness Is...

a kind word and good deeds. Such little things, but big in the effect they have on one's spirit. My sister is the Queen of random acts of kindness. She and a friend of hers lugged my new cabinet from the garage to my studio in the downstairs this past Saturday. It would take me awhile to list all the selfless acts like this she's blessed me with over the years. Seriously, she's a good sis!

Merci becoup, Marisa!

<-----BTW, this was a little thank you I made for my sis inspired by the Bella's new book, Postmark LA. Climbed on to the dollie head bandwagon. Love their sweet expressions and all the wear and tear from being loved.

Not quite ready to show it all, but here is a peek at some of my favorite spots in my studio. It's making me happy to see progress and imagine it finished and actually working in there. You can see the start of my dollie head collection. ;)

Here are some other things that are making me smile this week. Hope you'll share what makes you happy. Leave a comment and play along, won't you?

Happiness Is...
our new smooth operating garage door and being able to use the opener again

jack johnson playing on the radio on a balmy summer day

browsing through the kids section at barnes & noble and seeing all the titles i read as a kid-did you read nancy drew? how about the little house books? tom sawyer?

a new book = new inspiration
<-----can't wait to dive into this one

an icy cold java chip frappuccino

reading about traveling to paris-could i? will i? i just might.

lavender sachets in my dresser drawers-love the way they scent my clothes

you've got mail-the movie AND receiving an unexpected sweet note from my mom


Cindy Lammon said...

Happiness is #1 I got my dishwasher fixed today, yeah! Washing dishes was relaxing for about 2 days, But 3 weeks? #2 I found the cutest little journal at Barnes and Noble with graph paper pages!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is having a big sister! Panera Bread Co for lunch, a fat- free toffee nut latte from starbucks, soft grass between my toes for a walk around the yard, warm sun on your face and a song in your heart, A big lick from my canine kids, and peace in your soul.
I have lots of happy!!!!!

cindy said...

Love! "You've got Mail". Cry everytime when the ending starts with the dog running through the park! LOVE that movie. And that book...wanted that book too, but it's on my list of "wants"

Say, I've tried to email you three times now and it keeps boucing back. Send me an email and let me try again....


Oh my happiness....having my Sweet Hub walk through the door at the end of the day with a kiss just for me.