Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Upward and Onward

There is nothing quite like having a creative vision and going through the process of bringing it to life. I have been fortunate to have had several opportunities to feel such a sense of accomplishment. This past Saturday was one such moment. After several months of working on the projects for Grandma Alice's 100th birthday celebration and wondering how or if it would all come together, I am both pleased and relieved that it was a success and is over. But what a day for Jeff's grandmother and his entire family. I was so honored to be a part of it! It probably could not have gone much better than it did-thanks in no small part to the support of my BFF, my DH and my sweet mamala.

Here are a couple additional last minute projects I threw together.
<-------This one ended up being a favorite. Just love the way it all works together-the mica tile, silver leafing and the patterned paper which does most of the work that it could almost be considered cheating! IRL it is so lux looking-kind of hard to photograph though. TOTALLY inspired by Sharon Wisely of Red Lead fame (have I mentioned I love this store?!).

My BFF warned me that I might slip into a funk after working so intently for so long and as I unpack and put things away it is a little sad. She got on to me for wanting to re-work a couple of my projects, too. I definitely will tidy up at least one of them that I've yet to share until I complete said tidying. But for the most part, I'm putting my babies to rest and moving on to new projects.

Picked this up at Target last night and look-y here. -------->
Is this FaBuLOUS?!? I'm SO wishing I was going to Silver Bella-would love to take classes from the likes of Jennifer Paganelli. Oh, well-I think I've had my own Bella going for the past several months-HA! Anyway, totally jazzed and ready to get started on Christmas gifts and continuing to expand my horizons in the mixed media arena. In fact, I may never go back to traditional scrapbookng. Yes, appalling, I know.

Anyway, upward and onward. But first, downward-I MUST get my studio cleaned and weeded out and back in some semblance of order. Until then, I leave you with this beauty.
Totally copied from Pam Garrison and I think it is my favorite of all the things I made for Grandma Alice's party. This was so much fun to do and such a leap of faith for me. Used watercolors on top of the vintage wallpaper and everything. Yes, that's a real birthday candle on top of the cake. And let me tell you, my love affair with vintage glass glitter now runs deep, very deep. (Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but that's Happy Birthday written in glitter.)

P.S. As if you haven't had your fill of "the party", I have photos coming from our wonderful photographer (love you, Tam!). So I hope you'll indulge me when they arrive. ;)


Mom said...

Good work Patti. Can't wait to see the pictures of the party. Christmas is the best time for projects - so many ways to go.

Tammy said...

The party was wonderful and all your hard work paid off. More pics are coming asap. I was honored to be a part of such a special occasion. ----- as far as your next projects...let's keep it on the low stress side, k??

becky said...

beautiful work!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! I can't wait to see the pictures. I can't believe how much you got done and how beautiful it all was.