Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oh, how the years go by...

With every passing year they seem to go by more quickly than the last. This year was no exception. And as we recall the fleeting moments which comprise 2006 and greet those which will fill 2007, I can't help but wish they'd pass a bit slower. Seems just yesterday, Cameron was Brady's age. This April, he'll turn 20 and my baby will be nine. Jeff and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Time flies regardless of our bidding it to hasten. This past year I attended my 25th high school reunion and saw college friends I hadn't seen since graduating twenty years ago. Where does the time go? This year's time was marked with Cameron gaining independence-for good or bad and our first-ever family vacation and many other daily moments that we will recall in years to come. And tho they pass ever more quickly, I am thankful for our ability to remember and cherish our memories.

Jeff's grandma will turn 100 in 2007. As we visited with her yesterday, she recalled memories of growing up on her family's farm. Of horseback riding and what she was like as a young girl-long dark curls and all. How sweet she was as her memories seemed to comfort her as she recalled them. They keep her company these days she told us.

May you take pleasure in the memories of 2006 and remember to take time to enjoy all that the coming year has to hold. Happy New Year!

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