Saturday, December 09, 2006

Making My List(s)

Christmas music playing, laundry going, Brady sleeping in. Thought it was a good time to go over my lists and create new ones. Trying to get a handle on what is left of my Christmas shopping. Still have snow and ice on the ground so it really makes me want to huddle inside and attend to homekeeping. Something that gets pushed aside most of the time. Those of you who visit often know this firsthand! So winter weather is good for something, right?

Poor Jeff bundled up and headed off to work for a full day of golf lessons in the cold. Can you imagine?!? Cold doesn't discourage alot of his students he says because most of them are only out in it for thirty minutes or so. He is, however, out in it all day. He's quickly learned to layer! Something so foreign to him when we met twelve years ago and he had moved from Florida and Texas. First winter together he wore a windbreaker-crazy!

So while he's bringing home the bacon today, I'm going to try to get some more of the never ending piles banished from our house. What a job! Where does all of this stuff come from? And why do we want to hold on to all of it?! Ugh! Later on, I'll dash out with all the other Santas and see if I can cross a few more items off my list and wrap up what I already have. My favorite part! Love making the gift even more special with the wrapping. Got to purchase new paper this year I'm so excited to use! Yes, I'm a wrapping weirdo. But I love to see the recipients faces when they see something really special handed to them.

That's my list today-homekeeping, shopping, wrapping. Oh, and homemade hot cocoa for my sweet husband when he gets home. Love him!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine standing out in that cold and wind all day. Yuck! That hot chocolate will hit the spot. Glad you are getting your stuff done. We have to try to enjoy the season, cause it flies by, doesn't it??? Have you been listening to Harry? He get me in the mood, (the Christmas mood, ha ha)

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Thursday???? Were's the love?