Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let The Magic Begin

Because we are just about ready. Just a few more things to pack before we head off to bed. I have dreamed of this trip for a long time. As a little girl I remember every Sunday evening watching The Wonderful World of Disney. The show would start with Tinkerbell flying over the Castle sprinkling pixie dust while "when you wish upon a star" played in the background. Well, I've wished and wished and now we're nearly on our way. I can't wait!

Brady is of course excited and it makes me really happy that Jeff is just as excited as Brady and me. He's been in charge of the countdown since we first made our reservations. I'm a little nervous about the flight, but I'm sure it will be fine and since it's Brady's first time on an airplane I must be brave. Hope to have lots of photos to share when we return.

For now, we're off to bed with visions of Mickey and Minnie and friends in our head!

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