Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Change In Seasons

You can really feel it in the air today. Cool, dreary, a damp day. Makes you want to curl up under a soft blanket with a great book and a cup of tea. In fact, it's so autumnal here today that I nearly drove through Starbucks for my first cup of white chocolate mocha. But I'm not quite ready to let go and head into the next season.

My favorite part of fall is this time in-between--Indian Summer. Crisp, cool sunny mornings which lead to sunny afternoons ending in chilly evenings. Open windows, sweater days, carmel apples, warm, comforting seasonal drinks. Those days are coming. Mother Nature is just teasing us a bit today. For now, I'll enjoy another dreary day knowing it's helping to ensure a glorius display next month when the leaves don their spectacular colors. I'll enjoy a day to be quiet, to reflect, to slow down. To prepare for the change in seasons.

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tammy said...

Perfect timing for autumn reflections! What a yummy soup day! Love your blog...keep posting!