Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I thought it best I begin titling my posts by season since the likelihood of getting back here to post on even a semi-regular basis is slim. School has kept me incredibly busy even this summer. I have about 3 more weeks left of my two online courses and then I'll have a bit of a break until classes resume in late August. At least I hope it's late. I could use a break!

In fact, I had been dreaming of going to Lake Michigan this summer ever since stumbling upon these two sister's blogs HERE and HERE. Their photos of beautiful wildflowers, farm stands and lakeshore made me long to walk along the dunes gathering driftwood and playing in the surf. Fat chance of that.

Inspired by another blogger and artist I recently discovered, I decided to paint my own little piece of shoreline to have right here at home. I had never attempted anything as large before and was a bit concerned it would be too cartoon-y, but I love how it turned out and surrounded by shells and other weathered things I can almost imagine the sand and the water.

The summer is flying by. Aside from classes and a little crafting and shopping here and there, I don't have much to show for it. But it's not over yet! I hope to continue my 30 bags in 30 days decluttering challenge, get my teaching supplies organized, finish up the laundry room project I started before school was out, and attempt to make a slipcover inspired by yet another blog favorite. Time's a-wastin'!

I hope this finds you enjoying summer just the way you like it!

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Cindy said...

Hey love your summer look! Very beautiful and yep, the season is just flying by. Glad you are getting to do a little bit of creative stuff. Take care and stay cool my friend!