Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hello, friends. Are you still out there? I hope this finds you enjoying all the new year brings - satisfaction for what was accomplished in the previous year and great expectations for what's to come.

I love the start of a new year. Its a time to reflect and to attempt new things. A time to begin again and make another run at LIFE.

One of the rituals I've participated in the past several years is to choose an action word for the year. My word for 2011 is CAN. As in I CAN. Yep. Whatever I hope or imagine. With God's help I CAN do it. Foremost on my mind is my schooling. I'm more than half way to fulfilling a life-long dream of teaching by earning my masters degree and my certification. But there are lots of other things I'd like to accomplish in this new year. Throughout the year as I attempt them, I will remember that I CAN.

So...if you were to choose your word for 2011, what would it be? Here's to bringing that word to life in this new year.

Bonne Anne!


Mom said...

Hello. My it's been a long time since your last posting. I'm sure you will achieve all you CAN in 2011. My word for the new year would be 'listening.' Listening to all the wonderful sounds around me and listening to the voice inside that runs things for me. Best of luck throughout the year.

Rebecca said...

May 2011 be the year you accomplish all you hope to do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Anonymous said...

Patti. You are a wonderful and talented women. I hope 2011 is a year that stirs your dreams and challenges you to be your best you....M