Saturday, January 16, 2010


Whether intentionally or by accident, I am slowly booking a bookworm. A couple of years ago, one of my new year's intentions was to get back to reading. I set a paltry goal to read two or three books. Yes, for the whole year. Nice. Not very confident in my ability was I? No.

Here I am two years later becoming a bookworm. I was recently introduced to, a website with book reviews and all sorts of other info to help you choose your next - wait for it...good read. You can also compile lists-my favorite part. Lists of books you've read, those you intend to read and those you're currently reading. Yep, I've also become that kind of reader. Just out of curiosity, I began to compile a list of the books I've read since I set my short-sighted goal of reading two or three books in a year. I was shocked to see how many had added up!

Some may say I've had alot of time on my hands. But reading is a worthwhile pasttime. Reading makes you a more well-rounded person, keeps your mind busy, increases your vocabulary, exposes you to parts of history or cultures and places you might otherwise never visit. Reading is a good thing.

My reading habit will be further perpetuated (yep, a reader's word!) by my schooling this semester. My next class requires that I read 7 different novels in addition to our two texbooks and reading for pleasure. Um, yeah, can you say, bookworm? Albeit (another reader's word), the novels are intended for a younger audience, but it's reading all the same. By the way, some of the best books I've read in the past year were written by childrens book authors (many of whom also write adult fiction). Our first assignment, in addition to reading, is to write a reader's autobiography. To share our earliest memories of reading or learning to read, to discuss those who've influenced us to be readers, our favorite books and our current reading habit.

Hmmmmm...where do I begin?


Anonymous said...

I think we can credit both of our parents with our love of the written word. There is nothing better than finishing a great book, except maybe starting a new great book. I'm am so proud of you! Each day is a journey! The best is yet to come....M

MOM said...

I started reading deligently when I was in the 7th grade. Books let me enter a world that is different than my own. I have truly learned what it means to get lost in a book and to have your head stuck in a book. With a book you make your own pictures unlike a movie where it is someone else's vision. I hope you continue to enjoy reading for a long time. Oh yes, take care of your eyes.

becky said...

the two books on the bottom of your stack are 2 of my faves :)