Friday, October 16, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Lots of reasons to do a little happy dance.

  • Completed first class and survived my first grad presentation.

  • 6 FULL days to do just what I want with no school deadlines-YIPPEE!

  • Date with hubby tonight to see Matthew West in concert. Should be alot of fun!

  • White chocolate mocha from Starbucks. It just warms me up head to toe now that it's turned soooo chilly!

  • Making some Halloween treats-I've been having withdrawl from creative things. So jealous of mom who was giddy yesterday with her ever-evolving list of projects to complete. Hopefully, I can accomplish something in the next couple days. Thinking of taking a drive to visit the Red Lead sisters, too.

  • Going to see Where the Wild Things Are this weekend. This movie looks incredible. Can't.Wait.

Love, hope, adventure. What awaits you today? Lovin' my "Max"-athough, this morning he was actually behaving like a wild thing! Still, love him so.


Anonymous said...

The blogger returns. LOVE IT! Great pictures of Brady. Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy your break.

cindy said...

Congrats on six days off! Much deserved I'm sure. And yep, do the Red Led thing. I'm sure that right brain needs some activity and give that left one a little vaca! :D