Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is...

just a bowl of cherries!
For years, I have admired the artwork and quote collection of Mary Engelbreit. One of my favorite prints was a stack of whimsical bowls in an equally whimsical overstuffed chair. The quote was a play on words-Life is just a chair of bowlies. Inspite of all that I could find to complain about, life is good. As I'm oft reminded-it's all about attitude.

This weekend held plenty of moments to make me smile and be grateful. We had such an enjoyable weekend with my niece and nephew who came and stayed with us for a day or so. Guitar Hero quickly became the most popular entertainment at our house. Particularly, when I gave it a go. It's SO fun and addictive!
I also had a chance to spend some time with my sister yesterday. Among other things, we ventured into Old Webster to check out Red Lead's new store location.
It really is a great space and the gals are so energized by their new home. I recently signed up to join their newest ATC Holiday Swap.

Excited to count myself as one of their Swap Sisters now.

And it's official-I'm going back to school. When I left my office job about a year ago and began working for the school district my hope was to complete my teaching certificate and work on my Masters degree. Well, beginninng August 25th I'll be doing just that as a graduate student at Fontbonne University! I'm very excited, but nervous about the magnitude of returning to the classroom as a student. I just keep thinking about another Mary Engelbreit quote,
"Why not go out on a limb. That's where all the fruit is " --Mark Twain.

So while there is always plenty to whine and complain about, I'm continuing to learn to roll with the punches and keep moving forward. And to be grateful for new opportunities and the blessings that each day affords.

Here's to life!


Mom said...

Didn't I paint you a plate or something with cherries on it when you were in your ME phase??? I hope you continue to have a productive and full summer.

Patti said...

You did! and I still have them. Just put away for safe keeping. I'm SO glad I kept all my ME stuff. I'll have plenty of darling things for my classroom! Love you, Mom and thanks for the comment! -P

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Your on your way..I know you can do it.