Tuesday, June 30, 2009

getting creative

One of my goals this summer was to take time to be creative in a more organic, relaxed way. Well, at least relaxed for me! My hope was to complete some projects I'd set aside earlier in the year (or longer), to get a headstart on Christmas gifts and to art journal several times per week. This summer my main focus has been to get our house in order and I've felt like I couldn't do anything creative until I had finished cleaning and organizing. Needless to say, I've fallen short of reaching my creative goals, but it was starting to make for a crabby, frustrating and very uninteresting summer. I knew I couldn't go on that way for long. So, I recently subscribed to Teresa McFayden's journal e-Zines, Write Place, Write Time and A Journal of Interest to encourage me to reach at least one of my creative goals this summer.

Yesterday, I was determined to do a good deal of homekeeping and then reward myself by working on the first e-Zine assignment-creating an art journal. I had wanted to make a coptic journal like the ones Pam G and Teesha Moore use, but was intimidated by the process. I even considered ordering one from etsy, but never found exactly what I was looking for. To my suprise, our fearless leader discovered a super simple method for assembling a similiar journal. Further simplified by having Office Max cut my paper to size and punch uniform holes.

This is what my journal started out as.

After a trip to Michaels and Office Max here is what it looks like now.

This method is designed to use what you have and you can easily cut your paper stock to size and punch the holes yourself, but I was all about making it easier on myself and getting to the creative part. BTW, my trip to Michaels proved a little dangerous. Making Memories has released a line of vintage inspired findings. I just couldn't resist the velvet flowers and Dennison style labels. They've even reproduced the highly coveted foil dresdens-the birds are to die for. If you're a fan of vintage you're gonna love this line!

And my non-artsy little guy was curious about all the creative stuff for kids. He spied a volcano making kit, but momma wasn't too hip about the guaranteed 9 eruptions. Finally, he settled on a book about how to draw Japanese manga.
Here's his first manga character 'cause he's all about making up his own stories and characters right now. I think it's pretty good! He's adopted my white eraser and Heidi Swapp color pencils, but I don't mind. I love that he's getting creative because I know first hand the benefits of doing so!


rebecca said...

Love the journal, Patti. Let's give ourselves permission to not do too many things on our to-do list, k? :)

Mom said...

I'm glad you took a creative time-out. Brady did great on his drawing. Love to read your blog.

cindy said...

Love the way your journal turned out! How clever. Can't wait to see what you do with the inside pages. And LOVE that Making M stuff...guess I will have to head over to you-know-where and see if I can find. Thanks. And your son looks like a chip of the old block! :D

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