Friday, November 28, 2008

What a wonderful day we had yesterday. It's always a little crazy and loud when we're all together, but that's half the fun! Yesterday was no exception. The weather here was beautiful, the food was awesome-Mom outdid herself and topped it off with a phenomenal pumpkin trifle dessert. I think my favorite part of the day were all the traditions-mom's 38 year old turkey candle on the table, my Aunt Bonnie's cranberry salad, grown-up kids gift exchange, reading the ads and wish books (catalogs) together. Nothing unusual, but there is comfort in tradition and just being together. For that I am most thankful.

I even managed to be productive by getting the binding sewn on quilt #2 (Rachel's). And after such a "loud" day it was nice to be at Mom's machine sewing. Hoping for more of that productivity to continue today. While many are out hustling and bustling at the "day after sales", I'm here at home working on my handmade holiday. Enjoying music of the season and soaking up the sunshine as it warms the house-the perfect setting for creating. All that's missing is Starbucks-sometimes I wish they delivered!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!


Mom said...

We did have a wonderful day - and that is what I was thankful for. All the family together (well almost - - missed Em), great food and time to show how much we love each other. Who could as for anything more?

cindy said...

Glad you had a good day! LOVE that acorn!